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Learning the Basics of Reiki

As I guide aspiring Reiki students on their journey, I encourage them to begin with a journey of exploration. It’s essential to immerse yourself in the world of Reiki, whether through reading insightful books, delving into thought-provoking articles, or experiencing a Reiki treatment firsthand. This initial step is about discovering if the energy system resonates with you and if it’s a force you can truly connect with.

Once you’ve taken the time to delve into this fascinating energetic realm and feel a sense of readiness bubbling within, we can embark on the exciting path of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment, and I’ll be here to support you every step of the way.


Anyone can learn Reiki, and there’s no special knowledge, skills, or experience required. You learn Reiki through a Reiki Master who has trained under a Reiki Master themselves and has been educated in attuning individuals to the Reiki energy. If you are not sure about their abilities, you can ask to see their certificates and Reiki lineage, as all Master will have these. This is just to show that each master does have a link back to the re-discoverer of Reiki, Dr. Usui.

The best place to start is always at the beginning, as such students will start with what we call the First Degree, this is where we focus on the basics of Reiki and hands-on treatments. The second degree involves a quick refresher of the First Degree and then we learn distant healing. The third degree is the Master/Teacher training and is the highest level of learning.

In the relatively recent past, Reiki Master training was by invitation only and came at a magnificent cost. However, if you want to teach Reiki many Masters will train you and the cost is more in line with what you can pay. I, myself only charge $550.00 for the Master training, unlike the $10,000.00 that it once cost.

The First and Second degrees can be taught in a day, a weekend, or over four evening sessions each. Master training is usually a 2 to 3-weekend workshop. But with any training, the knowledge is easy to gain but it is the practice that makes you what you are. Daily self-practice is mandatory and giving treatments to friends and family is strongly encouraged. You need to feel the energy and see how it responds to you and those you are treating.

If after reading this you feel you would like to begin your Reiki journey, I suggest you do your research, read everything, talk to Reiki Master/teachers in your area, and find one you resonate with. This site, I hope will become your go-to resource as I will be adding more information, articles, and resources for you over the coming months.

reiki healer near me distance healing

* But please always keep in mind that no legitimate Reiki Master or Practitioner will ever say or guarantee that you will be cured.

* Any article, opinion, or post on this site is not given as advice (either general or medical) but for entertainment or basic information that is already in the public domain and not to base any diagnosis or medical condition through, always talk to your medical professional for advice.