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Reiki – A basic Idea

You are here for reason, you have heard about Reiki and are curious. That is exactly how I found Reiki, over 20 years ago. Simply put Reiki is an energy healing technique that helps to promote relaxation while reducing stress. Reiki was rediscovered in Japan in the early 20th century by Dr. Mikao Usui, however, it has now found popularity in Western society. Reiki is a non-invasive, hands-on, or off, incredibly powerful technique of healing.

Universal Life Force

Reiki is derived from Japanese and means “Universal Life Force Energy” and it is accessed by the Master/Practitioner during an Attunement or a treatment. It intensifies the body’s natural healing ability and promotes wellness and calm. This Universal Life Force Energy is all around us, it fills us and everything that exists is energy. So just imagine what tapping into this energy can do for you.

Reiki Master/Practitioners tap into the Reiki energy, which flows into them through the crown Chakra (more on Chakras in a later article) and out through the Chakras in their hands, into the individual they are working with.

We have no specific goals in a treatment, no outcomes are determined, we just let Reiki do what it needs to go where it goes. In this way, you could say Reiki or Universal Energy is intelligent.

Reiki is spiritual in nature but scientific in principle.

Medical and scientific disciplines are beginning to recognize that the human body is made up of energy and that blockages in this energy (Chakra points) allows in discomfort and/or dis-ease.  Chinese medicine has known this for millennia. By clearing the blocked or stagnant energy (Ki in Japanese, Chi in Chinese) stress relief and relaxation ensue. This begins to promote an environment that fosters healing and wellness.

A Reiki treatment/healing session lasts between 45 and 90 minutes. This is dependent on your needs at the time. You are usually placed on a massage table or in a straight-back chair if you are unable to use the table. Master/Practitioners place their hands on you, while others keep their hands (in the energy layer that surrounds your body or Aura) near but not touching your body. You will always remain fully clothed.

Experiencing Reiki Differently

Everyone will experience Reiki differently, some may feel a deep sense of relaxation, along with a loss of tension, fear, and anxiety. Some may even fall asleep, while others report floating outside their bodies or having visions or related experiences. Tears are often the most reported experiences; letting go of past hurts is a fantastic way to clear deep blockages.

People also generally feel very refreshed or renewed when their treatment/session is over, they are balanced and positive. Reiki can positively influence all types of negative conditions and illnesses, from small problems like headaches to larger whole-body encompassing concerns, reducing anxiety and assisting with the side effects of treatments.

Stress Reduction

While Reiki cannot guarantee miracles or any specific level of healing, it is always beneficial and may reduce depression, pain, and stress. Many have experienced complete healing from Reiki. There are anecdotal stories purporting this, while others have seen smaller but significant improvements in their condition and overall health. Anyone can be treated with Reiki, and enjoy the benefits from it. Pets, homes, anything you can think of really.

* But please always keep in mind – No legitimate Reiki Master or Practitioner will ever say or guarantee that you will be cured.

* Any article, opinion, or post on this site is not given as advice (either general or medical) but for entertainment or basic information that is already in the public domain and not to base any diagnosis or medical condition through, always talk to your medical professional for advice.

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